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Accurate, Reliable and Easy to Use

When it comes to measuring bolts, there is only one choice.
  • Touch Screen Display - Sunlight Readible
  • Easiest to Learn, Easiest to Use
  • Data Instantly Available in Excel Format
  • Automated Updating Temperature Probe
  • Robust Rain Proof Design, Ideal for Field Use

A Meter Made for Measuring Bolts!

Unlike other less expensive brands, the Delta Sigma was designed exclusively to measure bolt elongation, load, stress, percentage of yield and Time-Of-Flight Nsec. There are no other unnecessary menu options unrelated to bolt measurement to complicate operation.
The Delta Sigma uses automatic signal analysis and adjustment throughout the measuring process, recognizing signal degradation during measurement and activating a red warning icon to alert the operator, reducing the risk of human error.
The Delta Sigma produces Microsoft Excel files internally with just the touch of a button and does not require the installation of any proprietary software. Just connect the USB cable to your computer, then copy and paste the Excel project files for easy viewing or printing.
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