Expert On-Site Bolt Auditing to Verify Residual Elongation, Tension, and/or % of Yield in Bolts

International Bolting Technologies can confirm that your bolts were properly tightened to within the manufacturer’s specifications.

Critical bolted joints that have a specified value for elongation, tension or % of Yield by the OEM, require trained personnel using the correct procedures and the correct instrument in order to achieve accurate measurements and avoid bolted joint failures. Unfortunately, on many projects, this is not the case. Contractors bidding a job may fail to grasp the need for trained and experienced personnel. Even the most accurate instrument will not provide an accurate measurement if the correct procedures are not followed. While the bolts may appear to be tight, there is no way to know for sure without checking if those meet the OEM specifications.

An Independent Bolt Audit is Important

When we perform a bolt audit, we act as an independent third-party providing verification and documentation of the actual residual bolt elongation, tension and or % of yield on bolts. This is extremely important when there is a risk of injury, loss of life or financial losses due to capital equipment damage and or lost production. If bolts are found to be outside of specified tolerances, OEM warranties may be void, with subsequent bolt failures not appearing for months or years.

Insurance Against the Unknown

A bolt audit is an inexpensive insurance policy against the unknown. Bolts found to be out of range, can be adjusted and left in range. Bolts that have been yielded can be replaced before catastrophic fatigue failures occur.

IBT has performed On-Site Ultrasonic Bolt Auditing, Consulting or Ultrasonic Training on 5 continents in over 20 countries including: USA, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Finland, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom (England & Scotland), and Venezuela.