Why Use IBT

IBT sells and rents precision bolting tools and instruments from the world's leading manufacturers, combined with the field-proven ability to integrate this technology to your particular bolted joint challenges. In addition to the more traditional bolting products, our specialty is ultrasonic bolt elongation measurement. Our level of knowledge and experience across the field of competing instruments sets IBT apart from all other companies offering ultrasonic bolt measurement instruments. Call us and speak with our expert if you really want to understand this technology, its benefits and its limitations.

Our associates are all highly experienced experts with over 30 years each in implementing this ultrasonic bolt measurement to our customers' applications and have used every model of ultrasonic bolt measurement manufactured in the USA, as well as several models manufactured in Europe and Asia. We know each instrument’s pros and cons and can recommend the solution that best suits your needs.

International Bolting Technologies can provide global bolting seminars, technical support and on-site training by one of the world’s foremost instructors in ultrasonic bolt measurement, who learned directly from the experts under John Bickford at Raymond Engineering where, beginning in 1978, this technology changed from just a laboratory device to a field usable technology.

A bolt audit is an inexpensive insurance policy against the unknown. If bolts are found to be out of range, those can be adjusted and left in range. If bolts have been yielded, they can be replaced before catastrophic fatigue failures occur. When we perform a bolt audit, we act as an independent third-party providing verification and documentation of the actual residual bolt elongation, tension and or % of yield on bolts. This is extremely important when there is a risk of injury, loss of life or financial losses to capital equipment and or production.

We have provided on-site ultrasonic bolt measurement services to our customers in the following sectors: Mining (concentrators, grinding mills, crushers, etc.), Offshore Oil & Gas (turrets, subsea risers, BOP’s, cranes, derricks, etc.), Power Generation (hydro, fossil, wind power and nuclear), Aerospace (NASA, Space Shuttle Main Engines, LOX Turbopumps, Delta IV, Mobile Launch Platform, and other launch vehicles.), Refineries (hydrocrackers, spiral wound gasket joints).

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