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Ultrasonic Bolt Load & Elongation Measurement Instrument

  • Touch Screen Display
  • IP44 Rated (sealed for field use)
  • Low cost
  • Compatible with MS Windows and MS Excel
  • Chargeable instrument by external charger or Micro-USB
  • Automatic Updating Temperature Probe
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The Delta Sigma pulse-echo ultrasonic time-of-flight (TOF) measurement device; measures, displays, stores and transfers bolt load and elongation data in a new, single purpose unit. The Delta Sigma uses a rugged, sealed color touch screen for all operator I/O. The screen uses proven medical touch panel hardware. The measurement system is a hybrid technique, using the best of both analogue and digital signal processing techniques for fast signal acquisition and precise single shot TOF measurement.

All data is logically presented on a 4.3” color, resistive touch screen, usable with gloves. Data and digital signal traces are stored for later display and transfer. The unit has automatic temperature compensation through an included magnetic temperature probe. The novel memory system has a secure sector for all bolt data and a “public” sector for transfer via USB to computer

The Delta Sigma is powered by proven Li Ion batteries or through dual charger inputs: fast charge standard external 9V supply or the waterproof micro USB connector from any standard 5V USB device, battery pack or power supply.

Intuitive software developed specifically for bolting industry, the automatic echo detection algorithm has been developed with input from the most experienced users and electronic developers in the bolt tightening industry! Communicate to any PC with standard USB connection.